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Kees Wennekendonk
art model studies


for assignments or reproductions: mail@keeswennekendonk.nl


fast watercolour sketches:



Lying nude II

Lying nude III watercolor 35x 45cm 2014









Kneeling nude Kees Wennekendonk

Knielend naakt - aquarel . 40 x 40cm, 2014











Sitting Nude watercolor 35 x 45 cm 2014









nude7 kees wennekendonk


Lying nude. Fast painted watercolour. Model study 7, 2013













handstand nude


Handstand. Fast drawn watercolour. Model study 6, 2013














Lying nude watercolour

Lying nude I. Fast watercolour study. Model study 5, 2013



Limited edition of 40 pieces available on aquarelpaper or canvas.
average size: 35x45cm.
Other sizes possible.


Ask mail@keeswennekendonk.nl for details




* fast drawings, charcoal *







nude back

Nude back, figure model study 4. 2012, charcoal 2012







Nude standing on table. Figure model study 2. 2004, charcoal

nude grand piano

At the grand piano. Figure model study 1. 2004, charcoal

New inspiration for these drawings I found in Rodin's drawings,
a few of which can be found on the following page.


You can obtain gyclee's of these drawings on paper or canvas.
You can also have your own study made.

All requests:

write to: mail@keeswennekendonk.nl


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